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Senior Citizens’ club plans to expand next door

SHANNON Senior Citizens Club is planning for expansion. When The Clare Champion visited them on Monday afternoon there was a group of about 20 people in the clubhouse at Purcell Park enjoying their lunch and a chance to socialise.

Pauline Cronin was making sure they were all fed and she said that there are a lot of activities for the senior citizens.
“We have meals on Monday and Wednesday. People from about 55 to 60 upwards would come. We have aqua aerobics on a Monday and meals on wheels here. There are games of cards here. On Thursday we have a physio and twice a month we have a chiropodist and on Friday we have art classes here.”
The club is currently based at 9 Purcell Park and is looking to expand into the house next door, to improve facilities and help them cater for the club’s growing membership.
Patsy O’Shaughnessy was there on Monday afternoon, having just come home from Lanzarote where she celebrated her 80th birthday with her family. She said she really likes coming to the club.
“I’m going on for six years coming here. I love it, you’re getting out and meeting people and I enjoy that.”
One of the longstanding members is Brigid O’Shea. “I couldn’t tell you the date that I started coming but it’s certainly a long time ago, I’m one of the oldest in attendance now. It’s a great place, we come down for our dinner every Monday and Wednesday and then we play either bingo or cards or the odd time we’d have a bit of a dance or a sing song,” she said.
Tess Barry was involved in founding the club in 1980 and is still involved. Fundraising is getting underway in earnest she said.
“We’re 31 years going and last month 311 meals went out for meals on wheels and 155 meals were served here. We’re fundraising to buy the house next door now and there’s an application in for planning that we hope will go through shortly, please God, and then we’ll go ahead with the purchase of it.”
She said that the club is having a golf classic in aid of the development in June. Tess also said that volunteers make a great contribution to the club.
“We have a very dedicated kitchen staff as you can see, they’re fabulous. The people who are delivering the meals on wheels do a great job too, they’re very reliable.”
Chairperson Kay Cosgrove said that fundraising will be a priority for the club now. “Our biggest problem is money, if you know of anyone who has money and would like to donate let us know. A couple of hundred thousand now would be absolute manna from heaven. If anyone does give it we’ll give them a 99 year free membership of the club.”


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