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Seeking a mould-free house for Christmas

A FATHER of three is pleading with Ennis Town Council to help make a Christmas promise to his family come true – that they will not have to continue to live in their home that has been riddled with mould and damp.

Ayobami Oyedele has been living in Clancy Park as a tenant of the town council with his family for the past five years and he says that his house is now inhabitable.

“I promised my family that we are not going to be here at Christmas, it is just so bad the dampness is all over. I don’t know how I am going to keep that promise,” he said.

When contacted by the Clare Champion, a spokesperson for Ennis Town Council stated that while they do not comment on individual circumstances, they could confirm there have been ongoing discussions with the family. They added that contact would be maintained towards addressing their circumstances.

Mr Oyedele said that he has had a number of meetings with the housing office of Ennis Town Council to discuss the issue. And that he has been told that the work needed to address the severe condensation and mould problem would cost the council €10,000.104 Clancy Pk20131220-003

“They told me that they have not got the funding and there is nothing they can do. I wanted them to make the house habitable, but if they cannot afford to do what they need to do then we have to be moved. We are not living here free of charge, we are paying rent every week. I am just so frustrated, I keep going into them. I am fed up and I’ve had enough,” said the Limerick Institute of Technology graduate who is a part time taxi driver.

“Everything in the wardrobe is wet from the damp and there is always one member of my family who is sick. One of my children is slightly asthmatic and this is not good for them. The dampness is all over the house, but it’s worst in our bedroom. Our children will not come into our room.”

According to Mr Oyedele an inspection of the house showed that there is no insulation. He told us that the council said they would put in a ventilator and anti-mould paint, however he does not believe that this will alleviate the problem.

“There has already been a ventilator in the place for the past two years, none of this will make a difference to the house. The council can do the work, it isn’t my house and they are free to come and do whatever work they want to do, but I don’t think it will have any effect.”
He admits that he even stopped paying rent for a time in a bid to see if the council would do something about the house. He has since paid the arrears. According to Mr Oyedele at a recent meeting with the council he was informed that he had been paying too much rent and a review will be carried out.

A spokesperson for Ennis Town Council in response to Mr Oyedele’s concerns stated, “The council does not comment on individual housing circumstances but can confirm that it has been in ongoing discussion with Mr and Mrs Oyedele to address their housing needs.

“The council is in the current year progressing energy efficiency improvements in 116 of its properties. There are over 70 houses in the
Clancy Park / Hermitage that are of ‘hollow block’ construction and require external insulation works rather than the cavity fill insulation works carried out to other properties. The properties are at present being surveyed so that a full submission can be made to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to fund those works. The council will maintain contact with the Oyedeles towards addressing their current circumstances.”


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