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Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural resources Alex White has launched a consultation process to identify potentially suitable land areas for the large-scale generation of onshore renewable electricity, including wind.

Theresa O’Donohoe, coordinator of Clare Environmental Network, said “It is important that people participate in this consultation, especially when we are home to Moneypoint power station.How do you want your electricity generated? Where do you want it generated? What size generators would you like? Wind? Water? Waves? Solar? Geothermal? Biogas? How will the grid support it? What needs to happen the grid?”

“This is the opposite of what happened with the National Renewable Energy Action Plan that has half the country up in arms. Rightly so – the NREAP consultation was exclusive and failed to secure any meaningful public participation. Nobody asked when, how and where to put the turbines and pylons, if at all.”

Ms O’Donohoe said “You can be sure every developer will have their say but their wishes may not be compatible with yours”.

“Every community should have an opinion and input to this. You have until April 11th to have your say. You should start your research now because this needs to be done right. The consultation is for a Renewable Electricity Policy and Development Framework. If you do not bother to say where you want the infrastructure then you may regret that decision when it is finally planned and perhaps you’re living next door to a pylon, turbine or substation.”

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