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Scariff traffic plan further advanced

WORK is to begin on the new traffic management plan in Scariff this year once the plan has been approved by Clare County Council, a meeting of the Killaloe Electoral Area Councillors has heard.
Councillor Joe Cooney tabled a motion seeking an up-to-date report on the traffic management plan in Scariff and when it would be implemented. The electoral area councillors heard that one submission to the plan was received and that nothing in it required changes to be made to the plan, although there were points to be noted.
The submission was made by Scariff Community Council, which made three primary observations.
They noted that parking on Jones’ Road should be allowed towards the bottom half of the road, as it is proposed to make it one way. They suggested parking be allowed from Buglar’s Bow way down to the ambulance station on the left-hand side of the road heading down from the town.
The community council also added that the cobblestones opposite the post office are a major inconvenience to both traffic and pedestrians.
They stated, “For a minimal cost they could be removed and at least three short-term parking spaces could be placed in their stead. Placing double yellow lines opposite the post office will have minimum effect on freeing up the flow of traffic. The cobblestones are also a hazard for pedestrians trying to cross from the Fair Green to the post office.”
In relation to a lack of parking spaces in the town, the submission pointed out the proposed plan might lead to a reduction in parking spaces, something that is “of major concern to the community council”.
The community council said, “Any traffic plan must include proposals to allocate or create adequate parking spaces and how Clare County Council plans to provide them”.
In a response to Councillor Cooney’s motion, Hugh McGrath, senior executive engineer for the Killaloe Electoral Area, said following a review of the submission received to the revised traffic management plan, it was proposed to recommend proceeding with the amended plan. He said works can commence in 2013 once full approval is endorsed by the council, provided funding is available.
“There was nothing in the submission that required us to change the plan, they were just observations. A report will go to the full council for approval,” Mr McGrath said.
However, he noted the community council’s observation regarding the cobblestones in the town.
Mr McGrath added that a timeframe for when works could start is down to funding.
“If it is a case of lining and signage, we will need to get our costs from discretionary funding. It is my intention and I am hopeful to get the basics done, change the system and do the lining this year,” Mr McGrath said.
Councillor Pat Burke, who supported the motion, said he was glad to hear that the cobblestones could be looked at and he welcomed the progression with the traffic plan.


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