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Rover Rescue saves 500th pup

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This dog is certainly one lucky pup having become the 500th to be saved from the county pound by Deirdre Ryan’s Rover Rescue.
Trixiebelle, along with 18 other dogs were sent to new homes in Wales this week after being rescued by Deirdre. For the past three years, Deirdre has been working with the county pound to bring abandoned dogs to new owners in Wales, working with the UK pet rescue charity, Many Tears.
Saying goodbye to Trixiebelle, she said she was delighted to see the dog go to a new home. Trixiebelle, a 16-week-old wire haired Jack Russell was found as a stray and spent two weeks in the pound. Efforts were made to find owners, with the dog’s image even put on Facebook.
“Unfortunately, nobody came. It wasn’t until he came with me that we realised he was a little deaf; we thought she was just subdued in the pound. She was actually very lucky because it’s surprising that she survived as a stray because she is a bit deaf.
“She is a lovely little thing, very quirky and she got on great with all the other dogs and now she has left for her new life in Wales. It’s great to see them going off to new homes in Wales. All the dogs that went were a lovely bunch and they will get homes quickly.”
When asked if she thought when she first started Rover Rescue she would have helped so many dogs she said, “I never thought of it in terms of numbers. It is an achievement but on some levels, it’s also sad that 500 dogs should have to be saved from being put to sleep. I would hope that the numbers I help will go down next year and that people would take more responsibility. I hope the day comes when I never have to come and save a dog but I would say that is a long way off.”


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