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Rodent problem in Ennis estate

By Dan Danaher
RESIDENTS in an Ennis housing estate have been requested to take measures to minimise the impact of a “rodent infestation” following indiscriminate dumping near a river at the rear of the development.

According to a Health Service Executive (HSE) letter obtained by The Clare Champion, the authority is aware of “infestation of rodents” in the Aughanteeroe estate.

The letter requested the householder to take 11 separate actions to minimise the impact of the rodent infestation.

“Rats are constantly present and they tend to come closer to houses at this time of the year looking for food and warmth. They can spread diseases, which can be harmful to humans.

“Rats can live in turf and timber blocks and these tend to retain the heat. Poison should be placed carefully in storage areas used for fuel. If using poison, please ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
“Poison should be tamper resistant and inaccessible to children and pets. Gloves should be worn when laying bait and hands should always be washed afterwards with an anti-bacterial soap,” the letter stated.

In addition to requesting residents not to feed birds, the authority stated possible sources of standing water outside the house should be covered or removed as rats must drink water every day in order to survive.
It pointed out that all household refuse should be kept in a closed bin, while decking should be checked and baited for rats.
Clare County Council is not in a position to remove the rubbish dumped illegally near the river, due to difficulty gaining access to the site. This is due to the ongoing inclement weather conditions and the high river system adjoining the site as well as the ongoing works on the Ennis Flood Relief Scheme.

It has required residents to provide details about how they dispose of their household waste arising at the property they occupy.

All householders in the estate have to provide specific information in writing to Clare County Council on Wednesday, February 19 next by 5 pm. This includes details of waste collectors or waste facilities used to dispose of or recycle household waste.

They are required to submit documentary evidence in the form of receipts, invoices such as proof of appropriate regular collection, disposal and recycling of household waste.
A council spokesman explained this letter was part of the authority’s investigation into cases of illegal dumping. He stated the authority didn’t have any idea of who carried out this dumping and confirmed investigations were continuing.

While the waste been examined to try and identify an alleged culprit, the source of the litter has not been identified.
Efforts by the Clare Champion to contact a spokesperson for the residents’ association proved unsuccessful.



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