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Roads resurfacing would “make a big difference” to Hermitage residents

RESIDENTS of one of the oldest estates of Ennis have voiced concern about the state of the road surface with calls being made on the local authority for improvement works to be made. At a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District Councillor Mark Nestor highlighted the need for the Hermitage area to be included in the 2021 roadworks programme. He urged that a particular focus be paid to the carpark near Honan’s Terrace which is “in quite a bad state” with residents “worried the road surface is uneven”.
Backing the call, Councillor Mary Howard said roads in the area have “not been touched in years”. She pointed out that the roads are made of concrete and are “long overdue” an inspection.
“There are a lot of older residents living there and resurfacing would make a big difference to their lives.” Councillor Pat Daly said Hermitage is “one of the oldest estates in town, there are good, honest people living in Hermitage and I would like to support this.”
Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy also voiced her support and asked that a review of all areas in Ennis with concrete roads be considered, saying “I am sure that road surface is quite a challenge.”
Barry Conway, executive engineer, stated that the roads in Hermitage would be examined and considered for inclusion in the 2021 Schedule of Municipal District Works. Eamon O’Dea, senior executive engineer asked for details of specific locations the local authority should examine. He stated that concrete roads pose a difficulty in that short areas cannot be replaced, but instead complete sections have to be taken out “and it is not a cheap process”.

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