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Councillor Johnny Flynn

Residents frustrated as ‘urgent works’ needed at Ennis junction

AN Ennis councillor has pledged his portion of General Municipal Allocation funding to finding a solution to the decades-long “dangerous” situation at the Corrovorrin – Tulla Road junction.
Councillor Johnny Flynn at a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District vowed that if funding is not forthcoming from central government that his GMA should be used to find an interim measure to improve the junction.
Residents of Corrovorrin who have been regularly attending council meetings to stay updated were in the public gallery.
Councillor Flynn had sought a progress report on the proposed junction improvement measures being planned and a likely completion date.  
John Gannon, Senior Executive Engineer replied, “The Corrovorrin-Tulla Road Junction will be included in Clare County Council’s application for funding under the Departments low cost safety improvement works for regional and local roads to be carried out by Local Authorities during 2021. Subject to departmental approval the expected time fame for completion will be Autumn 2021.”
Councillor Flynn argued that residents have “put up with this for well over 40 years.” He recalled how previously funding of €50,000 had been allocated for works but they did not proceed because it did not receive the full support of the then Ennis Town Council.
He insisted that “urgent work is required” to address traffic, cyclist and pedestrian safety. The councillor stated that if funding is not committed by the department then he will give his GMA to fund works to improve the clearway saying “this will get people to stop and allow residents get in and out.”
Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy commented that residents “patience has been tested”. “It’s a real problem for these long standing residents, we all know it’s a problem.” She told the residents that the matter was “top of the agenda” for the council.
Councillor Mary Howard stated, “It’s very, very frustrating” adding “we need to find a solution.” Those living in the area “have been putting up with this issue for a lot of years,” said Councillor Mark Nestor.
Councillor Pat Daly stated the matter has “gone on too long”. “The bottom line is for people living there it can take several minutes to get out, sometimes ten minutes.” He suggested traffic lights or a roundabout.
Mr Gannon stated that he “understands the residents concerns”. He said that any modification of the junction needs to have a design. “It’s not just residents using the junction, we all use it and it has to comply with standards. Unfortunately funding was granted previously but wasn’t taken up and by doing that we missed an opportunity.”
He said that the council will apply to the low cost safety scheme, and will examine some of the suggestions which have been made and see if they can be incorporated into the design. He said that the council would be “hopeful” of success in securing funding, but that further discussions can be held if that is not the case.
He cautioned that any design would result in changes to the amount of parking available and slower traffic.

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