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Red Cross sets up drinking water stations

Three areas along the River Shannon considered at high risk of further flooding this week will have emergency drinking water collection points established by the Irish Red Cross.

Limerick, Galway and Westmeath local authorities have been offered auxiliary support by the Red Cross in the event of further flooding in their environs.

Head office also secured the support of Tipperary Water for the pre-positioning of bottled water in three towns on the Shannon considered at highest risk of flooding.

National director of health and social care, Aiden Lonergan will allocate the consignment and local Red Cross Units will arrange collection and transport. This stock is agreed as an interim, emergency resource especially for isolated homes affected by drinking water loss, infirm householders or those with no transport. Distribution will take place today (Wednesday) and Thursday.

Based on meteorological, local authority and HSE MEM briefings, it is understood that due to the timing of flood patterns on the Shannon that Athlone, Portumna and the Montpelier area of County Limerick are at risk of further flooding.

A quantity of bottled water has been set aside for use in Portumna, and regional and Area Officers are pre-alerting members.

The areas now considered most at risk in Limerick are rural. Bottled water is being pre-positioned. The Limerick Red Cross organisation is pre-alerted and communication with the local authority is ongoing.

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