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Rallying behind the camera

MILTOWN Malbay-based filmmaker Neil Hynes is working on his first full-length documentary, focusing on local rally driver Edward Cogan as he prepares for the Clare Stages Rally.


The documentary, Fast Eddie, is about much more than motorsport though. It also takes a good look at some of the people who are involved in the sport and the considerable effort involved in taking part.

Work has been underway throughout the summer and everything should be finished before the end of the year.

“We started shooting about two months ago and it should be wrapped up in October or November. It’s main subject is Edward Cogan, who is a businessman from Miltown Malbay. It also takes a look at his co-driver John Treacy and their goal to try and get first place in their class in the Clare Stages… In a nutshell, it’s about their desire to do as well as they can in the Clare Stages and the film is trying to find out if all the effort is worth it,” says Neil.

At the moment, the car doesn’t have an engine or a gear box, so to say the least, there’s a lot of work to be done.

“Edward would describe himself as an independent rally car driver, his daddy hasn’t wrote him a cheque, his car doesn’t cost €100,00, it’s a very humble piece of machinery and he’s going in trying to do his best.”

His cameraman is Polish native Domink Koisci, who performed camera work on the Rubberbandits’ hit video, Horse Outside. He and Miriam Garcia Mortell, who was production assistant on Pat Shortt’s Mattie, is producing it with Neil. Ronan Cassidy is on sound and has just produced his own documentary on Limerick’s rugby scene, which has been aired in both Ireland and the US.

With the car in such poor shape, there’s an awful lot of work needed and things are extremely busy, which makes things more complicated for Neil.

“It’s challenging because the lads are constantly on the go, they’re not waiting around for me. You’d have to be grateful for what you get, there’s no pause button here, they can’t slow down anything. The ball is rolling and it’s up to me to pick it up when I can and portray what they’re doing properly.”

Edward Cogan works with Clare Bar Supplies and his life away from motorsport won’t be ignored in the film.

“It’s not about rallying, not just about motorsport, it’s looking at life in between as well.”
While rallying might not be a full-time occupation, that’s not to say the passion for it isn’t extremely strong. It’s a huge focus in the documentary’s subjects’ lives. “Even though this is done by night, that doesn’t mean that it takes second place, it’s just as important as anything else, it’s on their mind all the time.”

When the documentary is completed, he wants to bring it on the road. “Off the bat, it’s going to go to film festivals, it’s going to go around the world to as many film festivals as will cater for it. We’re going to be looking for distribution here also and looking for broadcast.”

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