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Public grafitti leading to risk of ‘tatty image’

SHANNON is in danger of developing a “tatty image” because graffiti artists are defacing public property around the town.
That’s the view of Councillor Patricia McCarthy who supported a call at this month’s electoral area meeting to enlist the help of the gardaí in trying to arrest the practice and to get those responsible to desist.
Accepting that the artists display a level of creativity in their work, Councillor McCarthy suggested that they could be better employed imparting their talents to young children in a more appropriate environment.
“Because of their clear style, it should be possible to identify those who are responsible. Perhaps this is an issue we can address at the Joint Policy Committee meeting,” she said.
Councillor Gerry Flynn, who raised the issue, asked the council to remove the graffiti on the building to the rear of a house at Drumgeely Avenue where, he said,  “it is causing a lot of distress to older people living in the area”.
“There is a degree of creativity in the graffiti and these people might be better employed putting their talents to better use in a more controlled way.
“Some of their work appears in the dead of the night but if artistic features are to be provided around town, it’s us who will identify where they should be placed,” he cautioned.
Councillor Flynn suggested that once the council removes the graffiti they should apply a sealer so that “any further works wash off easily”.
Shannon Mayor Seán McLoughlin warned that the perception is that “a certain element of people hang around where the graffiti is” and this was causing anxiety among older people in the community.
Senior executive engineer, Eugene O’Shea pointed out that due to the high cost involved and the likelihood of the graffiti reappearing once removed, he is reluctant to commit further resources to its removal.
However, he promised to involve the gardai in trying to track down those responsible.


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