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Property Tax to increase by 15%

HOUSEHOLDS in Clare will be paying more in Local Property Tax for next year than they have in the past two years. Members of Clare County Council have voted not to reduce the tax as they have done in previous years, meaning a 15% increase for households.

The decision to collect the property tax at the full rate will result in €1.5 million in income for the local authority. Clare County Council CEO Pat Dowling commented that the people of County Clare will see “clear evidence” of the added value generated by the decision not to reduce the tax.

Over a third of all properties in Clare, 36.5%, are in the lowest valuation band for the tax, with a 15% change resulting in an increase in their tax by €13.50 per year, or 26c a week.

The next two valuation bands account for over a half of all properties with the change impacting these bands by €33.75 per year or .65c per week and €47.25 per year or .91c a week respectively.
In all, 91.6% of all properties in Clare fall into the three lowest valuation bands, with just 1.4% of properties in valuation bands above €300,000.

Councillor Tom McNamara, who proposed that the tax cut not apply for next year, insisted that the money generated be divided between the Municipal Districts to ensure that it is used in the areas that would be of most benefit.

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