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Pay and display at Doolin Pier

THREE pay and display parking meters have been installed at Doolin Pier car park.

This is in accordance with the Doolin Pier (Parking Places) Bylaws 2016, which came into effect in early June, following their adoption by members of the West Clare Municipal District.The new bylaws have been introduced to regulate parking at one of the primary access points between the mainland and the Aran Islands.

Clare County Council says income from the newly introduced parking metres will be used for the implementation of the proposed shoreline facilities at Doolin Pier, including a new visitor facility.

Parking for vehicles at Doolin Pier car park will be free for vehicles with the capacity to carry more than 7 passengers. One of the newly installed pay and display machines accept all major credit cards, as well as Debit and Laser cards, as well as coins.

The proposed visitor facility at Doolin Pier will replace existing temporary structures and will be part of a masterplan proposal relating to the development of the Doolin Pier area. The masterplan includes the pier area in general, vehicle routes to and from Doolin village, and parking and traffic manageme

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