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No new links to Quin Sewerage Scheme

Clare County Council isn’t in a position to extend Quin Sewerage Scheme to take in an extra three houses, a meeting has been told.
Councillor Sonny Scanlan has requested the council to investigate the feasibility of extending the public sewerage scheme to Frank Enright’s on the Tulla Road.
Councillor Scanlan claimed at an Ennis Electoral Area meeting on Monday that a bridge constructed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) wasn’t high enough to take the huge volume of water during the flooding of the Rhine River in the winter of 2009 and 2010.
The Fine Gael councillor said three houses had their septic tanks flooded while two of them had about one foot of water in their houses, making them unusable for several months.
He asked if the council could extend the public sewerage scheme about 100 yards to take in these three houses. Senior executive engineer Eamon O’Dea told the meeting the council could request the Department of the Environment to sanction an extension but stressed it would not be approved and would be sent back for inclusion as a group sewerage scheme.
Councillor Pat Daly expressed concern about the cost of the group sewerage scheme for the houses and asked if the council would take another look at the option of extending the public scheme. Mr O’Dea pledged the council would examine this location but couldn’t extend the public sewer, as it hadn’t any means of funding this work. 
Director of services, Ger Dollard, said the houses should come together to get an assessment for a group scheme and the council would provide help to try to come up with a solution to the problem.


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