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No decision on Shannon Development’s headquarters

WHILE Shannon Development is being restructured and losing most of its functions, the future of its headquarters is unclear.

The regional development company has its headquarters adjacent to SkyCourt and in a statement this week, Shannon Development said it is not yet known what will be done with the building.

“No decision has been made on the future use of the HQ building, which continues to be occupied by Shannon Development. The building is approx 40,000 sq ft and Shannon Development has been in continuous occupation for over 40 years.”
Shortly before last Christmas, the Government announced that Shannon Development would be losing most of its functions, prior to a merger with the airport. Then, towards the end of July, it revealed that the bulk of its staff have already left.

“Approximately 25 staff will remain in the company, which will be renamed Shannon Commercial Enterprises Limited, to manage its property portfolio.
“The enterprise and tourism functions of Shannon Development, together with the associated staff, are in the process of transferring to the relevant national agencies; the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and Fáilte Ireland.

“In addition, 25 staff in Shannon Development availed of a voluntary scheme in May of this year and almost 30 others have been redeployed to other State agencies in the Limerick and Shannon area. Further placements and redeployments will be effected over the coming weeks.”

The contract of Shannon Development CEO, Vincent Cunnane will come to an end on August 31.

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