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No change to commercial rates

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PARKING charges and commercial rates will remain at 2009 levels for another 12 months at least, as Ennis Town Council adopted its budget for the coming year at a special meeting last Thursday.
There was little rancour, with the budget being adopted unanimously. Reviewing 2009, town manager Ger Dollard said that the grant to the town council had been cut twice in 2009, and when preparing the budget, an assumption of a 10% cut for 2010 had been made. Mr Dollard claimed that the current commercial rate in Ennis is “at the lower end of the scale” when compared to other similar-sized towns. He also said that it was estimated that the tax on second homes would generate around €350,000 for 2010.
While Councillor Brian Meaney queried the assumption made that the cut in the Local Government Fund would be limited to 10%, Mr Dollard said that there were a number of unknowns but that the draft budget gave scope to deal with them. “The budget is solid as it is and we have to see how the variables play out.”
Councillor Tommy Brennan praised the work done in preparing the figures. “We’ve been starved of cash over the years and I want to compliment everyone involved in preparing the budget.”
Councillor Meaney also asked about the impact of reduced expenditure on Glór and he was told that funding for the theatre would be cut by around 15%,and it was likely to break even for the year.
Councillor Michael Guilfoyle said there was a growing realisation among the public about the amount of finance available. “The people of Ennis do realise there are difficulties out there and we don’t have a pocketful of money to do everything.”

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