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Deputy Michael McNamara

McNamara welcomes commitment on legal reform

CLARE TD, Michael NcNamara has welcomed a commitment from the Taoiseach that reform of the legal sector will go ahead. He was speaking in the Dáil after the resignation of Alan Shatter as Minister for Justice.

“Unlike many, but not all on the backbenches of this House, I am more concerned with policies than personalities. Earlier this week the Cabinet agreed a mechanism for charging for water in the fairest way possible. It did so because it was part of the memorandum agreed with the Troika by the previous government. So too, was reform of the legal sector. Taoiseach, I want a commitment from you that this Government will not confine its reforms to those which affect the poor but will also carry out reforms that affect the wealthiest and most powerful sectors of our society. I want a commitment that the Legal Services Bill will proceed to Report Stage,” the Labour deputy said.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny replied: “You have that commitment. The Legal Services Bill will proceed to Report Stage.”


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