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Michael Mc Namara, Labour, after calling a recount. Photograph by John Kelly.

McNamara out after examination of McDonagh votes

AFTER Michael McDonagh’s votes were examined it became clear there was no need for a further recount, an exhausted Michael McNamara acknowledged this morning, as he exited the race.

Michael Mc Namara, Labour, at theGE2016 count. Photograph by John Kelly.
Michael Mc Namara, Labour, at theGE2016 count. Photograph by John Kelly.

The gap of 85 was reduced to 81, but it wasn’t enough and a haggard looking McNamara admitted recent weeks have taken a toll on him. “I’ve been exhausted for about two weeks now. It’s hard, people who haven’t been in an election campaign mightn’t realise quite how hard it can be, physically demanding. But I’m not unique in that, no doubt there are 15 other candidates who are equally exhausted.”

Reflecting on his five years in the Dáil, the Scariff man said, “I personally think the country is in a better place than it was in 2011. Not as good as I’d like but much better than it was. I’ll take pride in the fact that I supported a Government that left the country in a better place and also that I pushed that Government to introduce reforms regarding how the Dáil operates, unfortunately it needs a lot more reform to be brought into line with modern European democracies. We need to look at that as we celebrate 1916, what it means to be independent, to be self governing, to have our own parliament.”

He said he doesn’t know if he will enter the political realm again. “No idea, I’m going to get a good nights sleep and then another and then another and then I’ll see.”

The now former Labour TD felt he gave the election his best shot. “I did my best it clearly wasn’t enough, all you can do is your best and if it’s not enough it’s not enough. There are hundreds of teams across Clare that will do their best and it won’t be enough.”

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