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Although nominated, Michael 'Malty' McDonagh says he will not be a candidate at convention.

McDonagh’s warning on social media

A strong warning on the responsible use of social media was delivered by outgoing Clare GAA County Board chairman, Michael McDonagh, at Wednesday night’s convention.

He welcomed the use of social media “if it is done in an honest and straightforward way, with no personal attacks”.

“I fear, at some stage, it will go too far and people will not be able to take the pressure. I hope my words never come true, as everyone should know what could happen when somebody is under pressure,” he told delegates at the Auburn Lodge in Ennis.

“All county team managers should deliver a year-end report to the officers of the county board who, in turn, will deliver that report to the county committee for discussion,” McDonagh continued.

Welcoming all as chairman for the last time, he noted, “I have spoken to many people and asked them about the way forward for Clare GAA and Clare County Board. Everyone’s opinion differed but the one overriding factor was that every Gael in Clare wants us to be a successful county.”

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