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Mayor objects to State jobs for retirees

THE Mayor of Clare wants retired civil servants to remain retired. He has called on the Government to crack down on the number of retired civil servants that are returning to work within State services, despite being in receipt of State pensions and retirement packages. Councillor Tony Mulcahy said the practice is denying young graduates employment and is placing additional and unnecessary pressure on the public finances.

“I have put forward a motion requesting that Clare County Council immediately calls on the Minister for Finance to clamp down on the current situation whereby those that have taken large retirement packages of all types and are drawing State pensions and payments, are returning to work within State services. Right across the country, we are seeing retired civil servants taking up positions in hospitals and schools where they are covering for staff who are on leave.  This is costing this country vast sums of money as we are effectively paying on the double,” he said.
“This current form of nepotism is denying young gradates the opportunity to source gainful employment and is confining them to life on the dole. It is unbelievable to think that some of those forced on to the Live Register by this practice are likely to face cuts to their social welfare payments in the upcoming budget through no lack of effort on their behalf to source employment. The Government can make significant savings by cutting out this wasteful practice, which is creating additional unemployment and leading to situations whereby some people are in receipt of state pensions, retirement lump sums and a wage.
“A report published today by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) reveals that unemployment among new graduates doubled last year. Therefore, it makes perfect economic sense to open up temporary positions in State services to the graduates or other qualified professionals seeking employment,” he said.
Mayor Mulcahy said that any civil servant who has retired in the past 15-20 years and remains in receipt of a pension should be prevented from securing employment in State services. He added that any such move would have to be supported by the Departments of Finance, Education and Health.


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