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Daisy featuring on an international travel website.
Daisy featuring on an international travel website.

Putting my best paw forward

I know my friend Bev will forgive me for taking over the column at short notice but I got some very exciting news over the weekend. I’ve gone international!

The Matador Group, a travel network based in San Francisco, chose the best dog-friendly hotels in the world and one of them was a favourite of mine, The Twelve Hotel, just outside Galway city. But whose photo did they use on the website? Why mine, of course. As if they’d choose anybody else. I’m already one of the Underdogs, the twelve dogs chosen as doggie ambassadors for The Twelve Hotel. My friend Boo is a fellow ambassador and it would have been nice if both of us could have appeared on the Matador website. I’m really chuffed though and can’t wait to re-visit the Twelve to meet Fergus and all the team and bask in their congratulations. I’ll be the centre of attention.

I’ll tell you, all this adulation couldn’t have come at a better time. The auditors, Willie and Mark, are in this week, or as I like to call them, the Mafia. They’re looking again at my bone allowance and there’s dark talk of cutting me back due to Brexit.

Fighting the auditors for my bone allowance.
Fighting the auditors for my bone allowance.

I’ve got to put my best paw forward and make my case. Becoming an overnight international influencer can only help my argument. #BonesforDaisy should be the watchword from now on. My human friends, Siobhán and Michelle have set up the OWPS – the Overworked Paw Society to plead my case and they won’t stand for it if my paw allowance is reduced.

A girl has to keep up her standards after all and I need my allowance to check out all the dog-friendly hotels, including the Twelve and Brooklodge where I meet my friends, Oscar and George and where my favourite barman, Niall, gives me treats in the bar every night.

If you want to know more about the work of the OWPS, follow me on my Instagram account, @daisymaygalvin. We’ll fight tirelessly for overworked dogs everywhere, including sheepdogs, guard dogs and the wonderful and dedicated blind and assistance dogs.

If we’re not listened to, the next obvious step is a political pawty so watch out – we may appear on a ballot paper very soon.

Paw Power!

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