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Sergeant Louis Moloney stated at Ennis Circuit Court that in the yard, it will be alleged that Mr McNamara assaulted Mr Casey and used an ash plant during the course of the alleged assault.

Man who doused another in petrol ‘only wanted to give him kick up the backside’

A 59-year old year old man “just wanted to give a young fella a kick up the backside” when he doused him in petrol in his bedroom, a court has heard.
That is according defence solicitor, John Casey for the accused, Mark Davies, who said that his client was “pushed over the edge” prior to the incident in Jason Morris’s bedroom on September 27 last.
At Ennis District Court, Sergeant Louis Moloney said that on the night of the domestic incident at Fountain, Toonagh, outside Ennis, Mark Davies of Lower Market Street, Ennis went into the bedroom of his partner’s son, Jason Morris with a canister of petrol and poured petrol on Mr Morris and his bed.
Sergeant Moloney stated that it is alleged that Mr Davies then threatened to set the petrol alight with a lighter.
Mr Morris reported the incident to Gardai who arrived and declared the house a crime scene. Personnel from the Clare Fire Service also arrived to make the house safe.
Sergeant Moloney told Judge Alec Gabbett that “it is a very serious incident” and stated that the DPP has directed that the case be heard in the district court on a plea of guilty only.
After hearing a brief outline of the facts, Judge Gabbett said “Mr Davies threatened to set fire to his partner’s son.”
Judge Gabbett added that both Mr Davies and Mr Morris “could have been killed”.
The judge said that the consequences from the incident “could have been horrendous”.
He said, “You don’t go around dousing someone with petrol in a domestic dispute.”
Mr Casey stated that the actions of Mr Davies “were extreme”. He said, “It was a horrific thing for the young man.”
Mr Casey said that Mr Morris’s brother and mother intervened and the situation was defused immediately.
The solicitor said that Mr Davies was pleading guilty to two charges before the court. He said, “He has put up his hands and admitted that he was wrong.”
Mr Casey said there was friction in the household after Mr Morris’s surprise return from Australia. He said Mr Davies had been living at the home for a long period prior to Mr Morris’s return.
Mr Casey said that Mr Davies found that Mr Morris was “being extremely difficult and not contributing to the house”.
He said that Mr Davies had an issue with this and tried to speak to Mr Morris on a number of occasions about it.
Mr Casey said that Mr Davies has since moved out of the home “and his relationship with Mrs Morris is continuing. She is supporting him and is outside court here today”.
“The impact it has had on her is profound,” said Mr Casey.
“She is caught between her sons and Mr Davies. Things are very poor. She is in a bad way. Mr Davies is in a bad way. This has caused an amount of upset to everyone.”
Mr Casey said that Mr Davies has no previous convictions “and works in the buildings”.
He said, “He realises the impact that this had on the injured party, on his brother and on his partner.”
Mr Casey said Mr Davies “is disappointed with himself with how he dealt with the issue as he saw it between mother and son”.
In the case, Mr Davies has pleaded guilty to issuing a threat to Jason Morris and producing a canister of petrol during the course of a dispute.
Judge Gabbett adjourned the case to October for a victim impact statement from Mr Morris and for a Probation Report to be carried out on Mr Davies.

by Gordon Deegan

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