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Makeover mooted for ‘little oasis’ in Ennis that needs some TLC

AN Ennis park, described as a “little oasis” is set for a makeover with plans by the local authority to carry out repairs, cleaning and repainting, writes Jessica Quinn.
Calls for the examination and assessment of the park opposite Mill House were made at a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District.
Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy told the meeting that she had been approached by a number of people concerned about the state of the amenity. She said she was “pretty sad to see the state of it”.
The councillor called for the park to be examined and assessed for maintenance.
“The benches, fencing, lighting and lawns are in very poor condition with the benches being in such a state of disrepair as to render them unusable even on a sunny day,” she stated.
She commented that the area provides a “beautiful break” in an urban setting, pointing to the “fabulous” sculpture Memory and Meaning created by Colin Grehan and Barry Wrafter in honour of the Clare hurlers’ triumph in the All-Ireland final of 1995.
The motion was seconded by Councillor Mary Howard who said that the park is one of three in the locality and it is “a little oasis at that side of town”.
She said that the three amenities, the Mill Road park, Children’s Memorial garden and river walk, have “massive potential” offering a place for people to sit and rest.
“A lot of work has been gone on the river walk last year and it is very much appreciated, Ennis Tidy Towns has been very much involved in trying to keep the area tidy and need but it certainly needs a little more help,” she said.
She recalled the All-Ireland win, stressing the importance of maintaining the park housing the statue which commemorates it “to the best of our ability”.
Eamon O’Dea, Senior Executive Engineer, responded to the motion, “The grass cutting contractor is complying with the Council’s Pollinator Plan by commencing the grass cutting late in April and gradually reducing the grass height through May to retain as much natural flowers to assist the pollinators.
“The benches are in good order but would benefit from some decorating. The Ennis MD will be proceeding with a painting contract this year and this park is included in the list of works.
“There is some minor repairs to the paving flags and this is listed for the Ennis MD works crews.
“The river walk from Mill Bridge to Victoria Bridge is part of the lower frequency street cleaning schedule and I have requested that the Cloughleigh carpark and river bank walk is included in that rota.”

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