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Light up a memory on Milford tree

MILFORD Hospice is encouraging people to remember someone special this Christmas by dedicating a light on Milford’s Christmas tree. A light  can be lit  to remember both living and deceased relatives and friends who won’t be with us this year.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Light Up A Memory event, an important fundraiser for the Hospice. More importantly, the event is an opportunity to pause and reflect, remembering perhaps a person who has died, a son or daughter who has emigrated and is unable to come home this year, or someone who, for some other reason, may not be able to spend this special time of the year with us.

“It’s an occasion that offers a memorable start to the season and since Light Up A Memory began in 1999, it has offered great comfort to so many people,” said Pat Gilmartin of Milford Hospice Friends.

“At this time of the year, many people come to remember their loved ones who have lit up their lives and so deserve to be remembered,” he explained.

Michelle McMahon, a native of Ennis, has dedicated a light to her dad in the past and is looking forward to the service again this year.

“The Light Up A Memory service is very special in our home. It’s an emotional time of year for us and it’s lovely to think that he can be remembered and knowing that the light will stay shining for him, means a lot to me and my family,” she said.

Deirdre Shannon Dromey, from Ennis, will also light a candle to remember her dad, who died in Milford six years ago this coming January.

She says, “The Light Up A Memory service at Milford is absolutely beautiful but I always thought it was just for people who had died in Milford Hospice. I know now that anyone who has someone to remember can buy a light and they can be remembered. This year I am looking forward to going with my family to the lighting of the tree. It will be a lovely way to mark my dad’s fifth Christmas away from us.”

Pat Quinlan, chief executive at Milford Care Centre said, “Every light on the tree is special, as it marks the life of someone we love. We are hoping the community of the Mid-West will be joining us again this year to remember a loved one and support our special work.

“We are extremely grateful for the continuous public support we receive, which is of immense assistance to us in our ongoing efforts for Milford Hospice to be able to deliver quality, patient-centred services throughout the Mid West. Although these are clearly very challenging times, our commitment remains to do all we can, to continue the essential work we do on a day-to-day basis and the generous support we receive from the general public will be needed on an ongoing basis in order to achieve this goal,” he added.

The ceremony will take place on this Sunday  at 6pm. Visit www.milfordcarecentre.ie or call the fundraising department at Milford on 061 485859 or 061 485860 to sponsor a light.

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