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Leaving and Junior Cert exams begin

As the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams begin today (Wednesday), ASTI President Philip Irwin has urged students in Clare and countrywide to “look after yourself” over the coming days and weeks.

First up for both the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert was the English paper 1, to be followed in the afternoon by English paper 2 for the Leaving Cert. Junior Cert students are facing into Home Economics.

“It’s normal that you would experience some stress during the exams period. However, it is important to keep things in perspective – these exams do not define your worth as a person. Just as in life, you may have good days and not so good days,” was Mr Irwin’s message to approximately 119,000 sitting the State exams.

“The important thing is to move on and put extra effort into looking after yourself. Have a good routine including enough time for sleep, rest, relaxation and exercise, and make sure you are eating well. All of this will help to balance your mood, maintain your energy, and ease any tension you may be experiencing.”

The ASTI President also advised students to stay away from post-exam analysis and marathon study sessions.

“Avoid post exam analysis and keep looking ahead to the next exam. Revision sessions of about 30 to 40 minutes are far better than cramming the night before an exam. Take plenty of breaks and make sure to build in time to organise yourself for the following day. Being organised is another way of minimising stress on exam days.”

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