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Water meter installations in progress in Ennis.

Irish Water planning ahead

The first integrated plan for the delivery of water services in Ireland has been published today (Wednesday) by Irish Water in its draft format for public consultation.

The Water Services Strategic Plan (WSSP) sets out the strategies we need to implement as a country in the short, medium and longer term to ensure the availability of safe drinking water, an environment that is protected from the impacts of wastewater discharges, and efficient modern systems that meet the needs of customers, contribute to economic growth and development, and provide value for money.

The document addresses six key themes of customer service, clean safe drinking water, effective treatment of wastewater, a sustainable environment, supporting economic growth and investing for the future.

“We have never had a national plan for water in Ireland – one that looks at the country as a whole,” said Jerry Grant of Irish Water.

Delivering on the WSSP over the next 25 years requires an unprecedented transformation in how the industry operates and in the levels of investment. The draft plan has been developed following an initial consultation with statutory bodies and the public in mid-2014 and has been subjected to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and an Appropriate Assessment (AA).

Irish Water is inviting all stakeholders and customers to review the draft plan and to give their input beffore April 17. Documents will be available to the public on the Irish Water website (www.water.ie) and in Local Authority offices and public libraries.

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