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Irish Water says charging ‘clear and simple’

The new water charging system is clear, simple and provides certainty for people, according to Irish Water.

The service provider has welcomed the clarity given to the public on water charges and encourages homeowners to register before the deadline of February 2.

The charges that people are being asked to pay are as follows:

• the maximum charge for a single adult home is €160

• the maximum charge for a multi adult home is €260

• a €100 water conservation grant is available for every primary residence.

Charging for water will begin on January 1 and the first bill will arrive next April.

Elizabeth Arnett, head of communications and corporate services at Irish Water said, “We welcome the clarity that the Government has given on water charges. People now know what they are being asked to pay and that it’s possible to pay less and beat the cap by using conservation methods. A water conservation grant of €100 per year will be available for all primary residences, payable though the Department of Social Protection.”

Commenting on the need for long overdue improvements to the country’s water services Ms Arnett said, “Ireland’s national water service is not fit for purpose. As it stands today the water supply to nearly 900,000 people is at risk of disruption or contamination. Over 20,000 homes have contaminated water which is unsafe to drink and must be boiled before people use it.

“Furthermore, the raw sewage of 42 communities across Ireland is pumped into the environment every day. It can’t continue and Irish Water is committed to upgrading and improving Ireland’s water infrastructure.”

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