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Ireland’s highest average summer temperature recorded in Clare

SHANNON recorded the highest average temperature in Ireland this summer, official statistics from Met Éireann show.

The mean temperature at Shannon during the summer (which Met Éireann defines as June, July and August) was 16.2 degrees celsius, half a degree above Shannon’s long term average.

Shannon had 458 hours of sunshine during the three months, 5% above average. The amount of rainfall was 16% below average.

It its overall summary of the season, Met Éireann said it had been quite dry and warm.

“Summer 2021 was warm everywhere and relatively dry overall, especially in the South and East,” the report stated.

The widespread heat waves during July and dry spells in June and July were especially notable events.

This June was provisionally recorded as the third driest ever, with the Jetstream staying mostly to the north of the country. This allowed high pressure to stay in control.

It was driest, warmest and sunniest in the Midlands, South and East, with the West and North cooler and cloudier as weak Atlantic weather fronts encroached from the west on numerous occasions.

The report added, “After a dry start, July saw Atlantic low-pressure systems take control for most of the first two weeks, which brought widespread heavy and thundery rain at times.

“During the third and fourth weeks, blocking high-pressure dominated as the Jetstream moved north, allowing a very warm or hot air mass to move up from the south, culminating in heatwave conditions in many places.

“The end of July saw the Jetstream returning, bringing Atlantic westerlies with widespread rain at times. The Jetstream stayed to the south during the first three weeks of August keeping Atlantic low-pressure systems in control.

“This brought widespread heavy and thundery rain at times, especially towards the end of the first and third weeks.”

The final third of August, however, saw the Jetstream weaken and move to the north again, allowing blocking high pressure to dominate and bring mostly dry conditions with some pleasant late summer sunshine at times.

By Owen Ryan

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