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Increased rates to ‘destroy’ small restaurants

A WARNING that job losses in rural communities are inevitable, as local authorities continue to increase rates and destroy small restaurants, has been levelled by the Restaurants Association of Ireland.

Based on a recent business survey carried out by the Restaurants Association of Ireland, it was found that most participants have experienced an increase in their rate charges in the last five years, despite the poor trading conditions. Several rural restaurateurs said that the valuation of rates are on par with large urban towns.
The association is calling for a reduction in local authority rates and a radical improvement of efficiencies within local authorities.

Ireland is the most expensive country in Europe to run a restaurant, the association claims. It notes that restaurateurs pay on average €23,278 in rates per annum.
Annual water charges vary from up to €12,500 in urban areas to €5,000 in rural areas.Water charges set to increase with introduction of Irish Water.Waste licence fee has increased from €1200 to €4000.Many restaurants pay in excess of €20,000 annually in waste charges

Restaurants have to deal with twenty-five different agencies and authorities in the day-to-day running of their business, chief executive Adrian Cummins said. He is calling for a reduction in local authority rates as many small and rural restaurants are finding the current charges too expensive to trade under.

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