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Home owners from all over Munster are advertising their properties for rent - some for as much as €50,000 - for the Ryder Cup 2027, which takes place in Adare Manor.

Huge sums sought for Ryder Cup rentals in Clare and elsewhere

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THE Ryder Cup is set to bring a big economic boost to the Mid West in 2027, and homeowners in Clare may be able to make tens of thousands of euros through renting their houses to golf fans.

The accomommodationfortheevent website is providing a platform for those seeking to rent their houses, and in a number of cases the sums being sought are eye watering.

A sum of €17,000 is currently being sought for one four-bedroom house in the Bunratty/Cratloe area. While it’s a huge sum for what’s a short event, it is by no means exceptional, with several property owners looking for more than €40,000 and some up to €50,000.

Not all of these are in particularly close proximity to Adare either, with one outside Listowel seeking €45,000. A sum of €28,000 is being sought for an apparently unremarkable three bedroom house in Limerick city.

Brian Higgins of said that many houses in Clare would be of interest to the golf fans.

“There is always going to be a certain demographic that attends the Ryder Cup that wouldn’t see distance as a big issue. For Americans, an hour mightn’t be seen as very far because their country is much larger than hours.

“Also some have access to helicopters, so it mightn’t be a big deal if it were two hours away, but we would always recommend being within an hour and a half from the venue.”

Mr Higgins said that in many cases large companies rent out the properties.

“We have companies call us and they’d be looking for nicer homes, where they can bring their employees, their clients and potential customers. What they’re trying to do is build a rapport and relationships so they can have business deals with ease over the next few years. It’s a very good strategy in fairness, I’ve seen it work very well.”

Spending tens of thousands on accommodation for some potential clients is only a small detail in some cases, he added.

“Depending on how large the deals will be or the plans of the company, it can be a drop in the ocean for them.”

The first ball won’t be struck for over five years, but hotels in Limerick are nearly booked out already, he added.

“In Limerick it’s quite tight for accommodation already. We’re not aware of any hotel rooms that are available, but what sometimes happens is that hotels keep a few rooms until the last minute and then release them at excessive prices.”

There can be particular demand for a cluster of houses near one another, Mr Higgins said.

“A lot of large companies would contact us looking for groups of houses within the same area so that when they’re travelling to the event and back every day they don’t have to drive halfway around the country.”

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