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Minister for State, Pat Breen.

HSE support for Cuan An Chlair

The announcement by the HSE that it is to support Cuan An Chlair Ltd so that it can open its day care centre has been described by Junior Minister Pat Breen as a huge vote of confidence in the company.

“The HSE is to provide €170,000 so that the new day care centre on the grounds of Cahercalla in Ennis can now open. This funding will allow the centre to open and respond to up to 60 people per day for an initial period of one year. During this time the HSE will work to secure the more permanent funding beds.

“Cuan an Chlair will provide an essential service to older people in our community, and I am confident its daycare centre has become an integral part of the lives of so many people in the Ennis area,” he added, said Mr Breen.

Mr Breen added, “The centre will not only provides a social outlet for older people but it will also ensure its visitors have access to essential services.”

Last October €1,655,996 was granted for 10 new housing units at Cuan An Chlair, Cahercalla, which will include four one bedroom apartments, five two bed apartments and one three bed apartment.

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