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Councillor Johnny Flynn

Green light for Ennis traffic calming works

THE green light has been given for traffic calming measures to be introduced in Ennis at a location where cars are travelling at speeds “way past any acceptable level”.
A special meeting of the Ennis Municipal District heard details of the proposed works at Cappahard on the Tulla Road and a local route known as The Lane.
The project involves the construction of a new footpath from Cappahard Lane to where it meets the Tulla Road.
Works will include the installation of kerbing and tarmac footpath, dished kerbing, tactile paving, signage, road gullies and the installation of drainage pipes.
The plans also include road markings, and additional ducts for eight lighting lamp standards.
The project went out to public consultation and four submissions were received. Among the submissions there were calls for signage to denote ‘Children at Play’ with one stating, “There are some cars which travel at speed which would be way past any acceptable level.”
Councillor Johnny Flynn also made a submission to the Council which included calls for a similar sign. Following an examination of the submissions a number of changes were made to the original plans. The width of the roadway has been set at 5.5m to 6m. The footpath has been moved to the east and does not come into contact with any boundary walls or any existing planting along the west boundary of the lane. There will be a green grass margin at the western side of the roadway.
There will be two ‘Children Crossing’ signs with a SLOW name plate below installed.
Two 50kmph signs will be installed along the extent of Cappahard lane and The Lane.
According to a report on the plans presented at the meeting, “The definition of the road will be safer and better defined when the lining of the carriageway is set out. Stop lines and yellow road edge markings are installed along with the colouring of the cycle lane at the Tulla Road Junction.”
The Council has contracted a tree consultant to prepare a report on the two large trees at the Tulla Road Junction. Also, public lighting design is being prepared “to protect the residential amenity of the properties” and a bat survey is to be undertaken.
Councillor Flynn proposed the development go ahead. “I appreciate the work that has been done on this,” he said. He outlined that safety has become an issue in the area. He recalled that developments at Cappahard and the construction of the roundabout at Oakleigh Wood had resulted in a “huge amount of traffic rediverted into this lane and it has stayed on it, unfortunately”. He welcomed that the proposed traffic calming measures were re-designed to take into account the wishes of residents.
He said the plans will “significantly reduce traffic” with “most of the items requested by myself and the residents taken on board”. He said the lane is “used a lot by people walking and cycling, it’s kind of a country lane in the middle of a town suburb and it didn’t have proper road definition.”
Councillor Flynn continued, “It will be safe for vulnerable road users, a lot of young families and children use this road.”
The adoption was seconded by Councillor Paul Murphy.

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