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Godknows breaks the mould

CLARE hasn’t produced many hip hop stars yet, but Godknows Jonas of Shannon is working on it.
The 22-year-old is a native of Zimbabwe has been in Clare since 2001.

He featured on Ennis producer MynameisJohn’s song Don’t Mind Me, which was recently featured on the Guardian newspaper’s website.

“Myself and John did a tune together and it was chosen as the best song to represent Ireland with 40 other countries around the world. It was picked by Nay McArdle, one of the top bloggers in Ireland,” he says.

He is also involved in a group called Random Acts of Kindness. “We do a lot of hip hop, and if you go on youtube we’re on it. It’d be very urban-influenced. The majority of us are Christians so we do a lot of Gospel music as well.”

The group rehearse at the Shannon Christian Church in Smithstown.

They have recently started teaching children in Moyross how to rap.

Godknows says the group have a number of different influences. “We’re urban influenced and there’s an artist in America called Lecrae and Kendrick Lamar. Our influences would be mostly from England and America and we like our Lethal Dialect from Dublin.”

He was busy last year and says the work in Moyross will be the main focus for the next number of months.


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