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Glór benefit aims to HELP homeless

HOMELESS organisation HELP is hoping to raise funds to assist those currently living rough in Ennis through a specially organised concert in Glór.
According to Josephine O’Brien, an advocate for the homeless with HELP, there are presently seven people living on the streets in the town. Some of them are living rough close by the Glór venue.
The concert, organised in conjunction with Glór, will see Brian Flynn acting as MC over 18 acts, who will take to the stage in an effort to raise funds for HELP.
Among the line-up are the Cú Chulainn Step Dancers, The King Family and Friends, Ben Escorcio, Pat Marsh, Josephine Marsh, Joe Flynn, Dave Culligan and Suzanne Murphy to name a few. 
Ms O’Brien has highlighted that the seven on the street, the majority of whom are not Irish citizens, have found themselves living rough due to circumstance; having lost employment and are left without access to benefits. 
“Some are sleeping rough at the back of Glór and two are living in a tent. They have no prospect of getting accommodation at present. The proceeds of this concert will buy the homeless coffee and dinner if there is money for dinner. Sometimes we would buy them shaving gear and toiletries. It’s just sad, nobody wants them. Three were working but they are on the streets due to circumstance. They are battling with alcohol, now. Their own circumstances are not helping them and it is a no-win situation. If they had a house and had someone calling in to keep an eye on them on a normal basis, then they might be able to change their life around. But because they are on the street they have no fixed address to access services or benefits, they have no hope at all. We do this work because we are fond of them and because they are human beings and deserve something to eat. All seven of these men are not in the system and so if they went missing, no-one would miss them but us and that’s terribly sad,” Ms O’Brien stressed.
Speaking about the upcoming concert, director of Glór, Katie Verling, said the homeless are not adversely affecting the theatre where they are sleeping at night.
“What does affect us is that people from the community who have a heart and a half are doing such extraordinary things for people who are sleeping on the streets. We have a responsibility to facilitate these types of events being run to raise awareness and also to raise money to buy tea and coffee and dinner for these people who find themselves in this situation, where they become unlovable. But Josie loves them. It just breaks my heart that people in this day and age find themselves in these circumstances. What I can do is support Josie by helping to put on a concert,” Ms Verling concluded.
For more information on the concert or to book contact Glór Box Office on 065 6845370 or visit www.glor.ie.

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