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Gardaí question people after Shnnon attacks

Gardaí question people after Shannon attacks

GARDAÍ have questionned people about recent attacks on people in Shannon, which have caused a large amount of local disquiet.

There was an outcry on social media following the incidents, and local Sinn Féin Councillor Mike McKee said he is hopeful there will be no repeat.

“I hope the message got across and they got the message that enough is enough. I think they have got the message that Shannon is kicking up against them and will not tolerate it.”

Regarding the local reaction to the attacks, Councillor McKee said, “It was massive, absolutely massive. No matter where I went, people were stopping me to talk about it.

Whatever about prosecutions, we just want it stopped. People were scared to go out, they were scared to let their children out. It was the first time I’ve actually experienced that in Shannon, that kind of fear.”

He feels that those involved probably realise that the behaviour is not acceptable. “The message has gone out to them that it had to stop and we are getting feedback that they have understood that.”

A relative of Councillor McKee’s, a man in his 50s, was attacked shortly before Christmas. However, Councillor McKee said he has recovered and is in good health now.

Last week, a local mother, whose son was attacked in Shannon, was very angry that those responsible were at large.

“They have already attacked two men, they are still walking the streets. What do they have to do? They’re a threat to people. They’re not even robbing people, they’re doing it for kicks.

“Why are the laws in this country the way they are, that we, as the victims, are left here now and these guys are still walking around our town?” she said.

By Owen Ryan

GARDAÍ have questionned people about recent attacks on people in Shannon

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