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Fr Tom offers help after church outburst

THE administrator of Ennis parish, Fr Tom Hogan, said he is prepared to meet with the man who shouted remarks near the end of a First Holy Communion ceremony in the Cathedral last Saturday.
Fr Hogan said it is clear that the man is hurt and has grievances with the Church.
“I am prepared and willing to meet with him and talk to him and help him through the healing process. Alternatively, I am willing to provide a counsellor for him, if he feels that would help,” the parish administrator added.
Witnesses claim that a man stood up after a hymn near the end of the Ennis National School First Holy Communion ceremony in the Cathedral on Saturday morning.
“He walked up the aisle and stood near to the front of the altar and was visibly upset. When the choir finished singing, he shouted, ‘Typical, hypocrites. Ye are all hypocrites.’ Nobody knew what was happening. It all happened very quickly. People were upset and shocked,” one man who was at the ceremony claimed.
He added that two men approached the man and one of them told him to leave. “He refused to leave and another man came forward and identified himself as a garda. He escorted the man out of the church,” he said.
Fr Hogan was outside the church with a person who had become ill during the ceremony and saw the man being escorted from the Cathedral.
“The man who escorted him out told me what had happened and that he was a garda. It was a most inappropriate thing to happen,” he added.
He hopes that because the incident happened very quickly and was dealt with rapidly that people at the ceremony, particularly children, were not upset by it.
“I would hate that any of the children were upset after the ceremony because of it on what should have been a wonderful occasion for them,” Fr Hogan said.

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