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Former TV host from Clare posts anti-vaccine diatribe on Instagram

SHANNON native Aisling O’Loughlin, who once presented TV show Xposé, has been putting videos and messages on social media, campaigning against taking the Covid-19 vaccines.
In one recent video posted on Instagram, Ms O’Loughlin launched into a diatribe against authorities and the media.
She said, “The game is up, we can see right through the lies and corruption, it is in plain sight if you care to see it. It is there.
“We can see so clearly now that the mainstream media has been bought to propagate this lie. “We can see that the politicians have been bought to push an agenda that is not in our interests. “We can see that our doctors that we used to trust are in the pockets of big pharma. They are pushing an experimental injection on us and we don’t trust it.”
In a separate video, she further criticised the mainstream media for, as she put it, pushing the Covid-19 agenda.
“Big question, why are the mainstream media pushing this agenda with the ferocity with which they are pushing it?
“I think we need to step back a few years and just look at the landscape for the media in Ireland, cash strapped RTE, TV3 certainly had no money, I mean we made Exposé on a budget, there was no money about. Radio was in trouble, the newspapers were in trouble, trying to figure out how to work online.
“It was just a very vulnerable landscape so you can imagine when the big bucks came in from big tech and big pharma that it was very, very tempting, so we’ll throw them a bone.
“But now they’re fulfilling their contracts, and part of that would be to push this agenda in a very unbalanced and biased way.”
In a written message also posted on Instagram, she said, “The reason that they keep plunging you in and out of lockdowns is to make you beg for the vaccine. It’s nothing to do with your health and safety.”
Another message said, “The journalists know the facts. Why they are choosing to ignore them beggars belief. It’s their children next if they continue to comply. The standard of journalism right now is abysmal.”
Ms O’Loughlin now lives with her three sons in France, where there is a strong anti-vaccine lobby.

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