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Farm dangers warning by Clare Gardai

CLARE Gardaí have warned that farms can be a dangerous, and even lethal, place for children, urging people never to leave their child alone in a farmyard. Crime Prevention Officer Triona Brooks says, “Now that schools are over and the weather is good kids are out and about on farms but farms are a workplace and unfortunately children are killed every year on farms.”
She adds, “Never allow a child onto a farmyard unless they are closely supervised by an adult. It’s not possible to safely look after your child and work on the farm at the same time. Dangers on farms include falls, drowning, farm machinery, chemical and poison and farm animals.”
Those who live on a farm are being advised to keep children out of work areas and have a fenced off safe play area in view of your home.
“Have easy to read danger signs and tell children what they mean. Lock unattended vehicles and leave vehicles in neutral and with the handbrake on. Remove keys and keep them away from children. Put safety measures in place when finished using machinery. Lower all loaders to the ground and guard all moving parts of machinery.”
Children should be kept at a safe distance from livestock and supervised if they are close to or feeding any animal, with correct fencing and gates fitted.
She continues, “Make sure there is no access to high areas on the farm and don’t let children play on bales – they can fall off them or between them and suffocate.”
Water also presents danger on the farm. “Even a shower of rain can fill a container enough for a child to drown in, empty, fence off or safely cover anything that can collect water. This includes wells, ponds, drains, soak pits and water tanks and fence off exposed areas including slurry pits.”

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