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Experimenting with colour

The Burren Painting Centre will host French artist Dorothee Roberts later this summer when she will encourage her students to experiment with the colours used by the Impressionists.
During the early summer courses, a number of international artists shared information with students at the centre.
Northern Ireland watercolorist Grahame Booth enthralled his students with on-location demos, using his skilful brushstrokes to create masterly watercolours.
In contrast, the botanical painter Jill Winch from England made inspirational studies of delicate petals, fruits and vegetables to create images that looked like the real thing.
Later, Gayle Fedigan, with her own entourage from upstate New York, created a whirl of coloured dust with her strong pastel landscapes.
In comparison, the style of the Danish tutor, Annelise Pio Hansen and her painters from Copenhagen showed the Burren and Inis Oirr in a different light. Her quick sketching technique using grainy watercolours with pen and ink captured the essence of the limestone rockscapes and Atlantic seascapes.
The Italian artist Gabriele Capacchione brought a new dimension to oil painting at the centre. He showed the students how to use the different techniques of the old masters and incorporate the styles into their own artwork, with some amazing results.

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