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Michaela and Aileen Monaghan admiring the new Biodiversity sign at the Errina Canal walk. Photograph by Horsefall

Sign of times as Clonlara adds biodiversity info at amenity

Clonlara Development Association has erected a new Biodiversity information board at the entrance of the Errina canal and the Lough Derg Way in the centre of the village. 

The Errina Canal, part of the Limerick Navigation system, was built in the late eighteenth-century and this canal also forms part of the East Clare way.

This walkway continues to be enjoyed by multiple generations and is now more accessible following recent upgrades in terms of gravel pathways and swing gates.

Research and the development of the information board before funding was secured was completed by Colm Honan, Maire Ní Ghráda and Peggy Ryan.

Colm and Peggy recently completed the course “Be a Leader for Biodiversity in your community”. The information board is seen as the first step in building awareness around the diverse ecosystem along the Errina canal but also educating everyone in the community.

The canal and its bank are home to a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals. The ecosystem works in balance and a variety of fish, insects, birds and mammal life are supported by water, plants, scrub and trees.

Clonlara Development Association plan using research and resources from the board to run workshops educating the local St Senan’s Primary School and Scouting Group, 11th Clare. 

Clonlara Development Association would like to sincerely thank Leo Beretta, Environmental Compliance Manager at Veolia for sponsoring the new sign as well as all the stakeholders.

They include Patrick Stritch, Shane O’Brien, Tom Burke, Jim Ryan, Fra Maloney, Michael Monaghan, Philippa Keogh and Angela Horsfall.

It is hoped with the help of this biodiversity information board, this unique ecosystem along the Errina Canal will be preserved for future generations to enjoy in Clonlara.

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