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Councillor Johnny Flynn

Ennis residents ‘very frustrated’ at wait for traffic calming

THE frustration of residents in Corrovorrin who are awaiting the introduction of much sought after traffic calming measures has been highlighted at a meeting of Ennis councillors.
Speaking at a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, Councillor Johnny Flynn commented, “The residents of Corrovorrin are getting very frustrated, they are wondering when the work will be done.” He said that locals had hoped to see works progressing over the summer months, when schools are closed, however the works are now not likely to go ahead until the autumn or winter.
The councillor raised the issue as he proposed that in addition to the proposals for Corrovorrin, that the council look at providing additional traffic calming measures east and west of the railway bridge.
He pointed out that there are 15,000 vehicles a day on the main Tulla Road, suggesting pedestrian crossings should be introduced in locations such as the Lifford Road and New Road junctions.
He said there is an “urgent need” for pedestrian crossings in the area, pointing out that a lot of school children walk in the area. He added, “We are supposed to be an Age Friendly town. The residents are getting older and finding it more difficult to use the road as drivers and pedestrians.”
He expressed the hope that the council would look at the additional crossings saying there is “a huge number of children and residents walking in the area which has seen an over 100% increase in the amount of traffic on the road since January. People are driving faster and more erratically on the road, like they are in other roads in the town.” He acknowledged the work that the council has already undertaken in relation to Corrovorrin.
Councillor Pat Daly backed the motion, saying, “Corrovorrin residents are totally frustrated, this is going on and on for many years.”
Eamon O’Dea, senior executive officer, told the meeting that the Ennis Municipal District has forwarded the motion to the Road Design Section for consideration in the detailed design of the Low Cost Safety Scheme at Corrovorrin Junction.
He confirmed that a draft drawing has been sent to Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the council are awaiting a response before proceeding with the project. He added that a layout proposal is “ready to roll”.

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