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Councillor Pat Daly: 'decision process at the board has totally gone over control.'

Lighting the way for a good turn onto Ennis’ Gaol Road

DISCUSSIONS are underway with a view to installing a filter light for those travelling from the Limerick Road to Old Gaol Road in Ennis, the local authority have confirmed.

Councillor Pat Daly highlighted the need for the light at the monthly meeting of the council at a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District where he urged the council, “to install a filter right arrow on the traffic lights at the Clare Road, adjacent to the tyre centre, to accommodate traffic coming from the Limerick Road side who presently are finding it very difficult to turn right in the Gaol Road.”

Ian Chaplin, Executive Engineer, responded, “The Ennis Municipal District recently installed two hatch boxes at this junction to assist access from Clare Road Tyres and the hatch box at the Captain Macs Cross side of the junction should assist the traffic flow as buses will not be obstructed when turning left out of Old Goal Road. The Ennis MD are discussing the proposed filter light with the Road Design Office so as divers coming from Captain Macs Cross are certain that the oncoming traffic has stopped and it is safe to turn right into Old Goal Road.”

Councillor Daly welcomed the response saying he sees “on a daily basis regular hold ups” for traffic coming from Captain Macs Cross with turning right “very, very difficult”.

“Installing a filter light will enable people to go onto the Gaol Road, which is a great bit of infrastructure in the town. I would hope this is happening sooner rather than later.” Councillor Ann Norton voiced her support for the motion.

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