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Efforts to secure school places for all commended

EFFORTS by patrons to ensure a place at second level is made available to all pupils in Ennis and feeder communities have been commended.
Deputy Joe Carey praised the “proactive action” of the patrons of Ennis post-primary schools in helping to alleviate parents and children’s stress about the issue.
A statement issued by George O’Callaghan, CEO Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, (LCETB) has said that a virtual meeting of the schools concerned took place recently. The statement was issued on behalf of the school patrons.
“The meeting was to review progress on the issue of pupils without school places for the forthcoming academic year at post-primary in Ennis and establish a unified process to address the problem for the school year 2022/2023 and in forthcoming years,” the statement read.
Deputy Carey said that this approach will help to alleviate what has been an ongoing issue for several years in Ennis.
“In planning ahead on this and seeking to ensure pupils or their parents do not have to undergo the uncertainty of not knowing where they will get a place at second level, the patrons must be commended,” Deputy Carey said.
“This proactive action will hopefully ensure that all pupils are catered for well in advance of the start of the new school year each September,” he added.
Meanwhile in the statement issued by the LCETB, patrons acknowledged the “significant progress” made by the four principals in relation to dealing with any remaining students currently without an offer of a school place.
“Offers have been made to those students on the list. The principals will continue to monitor the situation should any outstanding matters arise,” the statement read.
“Mr Eamon Stack, who has been appointed as facilitator to work with the post-primary schools and other stakeholders, has already commenced work to develop a unified process with regard to post-primary enrolment in the Ennis area for 2022/2023 and the following years.
“The patrons will continue to monitor the situation closely,” the statement concluded.

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