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Eagles have flown the coop

THE pair of White Tailed Sea Eagles that were nesting in Mountshannon  will not be growing in numbers just yet, as the eagles have flown the nest where they were believed to be nurturing eggs.


While they have flown the nest, they will not be leaving Mountshannon according to the Golden Eagle Trust and their hopes for sea eagle chicks have not been totally dashed, just for 2012.

Lorcan O’Toole, general manager with the Golden Eagle Trust outlined that on Tuesday of last week both sea eagles were seen leaving the nest. They remain in the area however and will do so for the next 20 to 30 years, as they have established themselves here.

“There would have been eggs in the nest and hopefully we will try to get there shortly to see what was there. The eagles don’t normally breed until they are four or five years old and she’s only three,” he said.

It is understood this was a natural occurrence and may have been down to the birds’ inexperience or some other factor, such as the age of the female.

The eagles will remain in the Mountshannon area the Eagle Trust maintains, but breeding will not be possible again until next summer.

“We would have expected if hatching had taken place it would have happened in the last day or two. It may have failed at the point of hatching and we don’t believe the nest was disturbed. We hope to go and visit the nest and examine the contents,” Dr Allan Mee, project manager of the Sea Eagle Reintroduction Scheme said.

The birds will still be seen fishing and perching in the area and the local community were thanked for the support they have shown in the past few weeks.

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