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Duff calls for tree-instatment

THE trees removed when a roundabout associated with the Glaise na Rinne was being developed should be reinstated, Councillor Greg Duff has said.

The Labour party representative will bring a motion to next week’s meeting of Shannon Town Council calling on Clare County Council “to honour their previous commitment to replace the tress they removed when constructing the roundabout associated with the Glaise na Rinne Affordable Housing scheme”.

Explaining the background to it, he said, “The roundabout was part of the whole development at Glaise na Rinne and it’s to the rear of Inis Rí. What happened was that the locals, particularly Louis Byrne, had planted trees around that area, in the green area to the rear of Gleann na Smol and Inis Rí.

“The trees were coming on, they were young trees, but they just pulled them up. I put in a motion at the time and the reply I got was that they would replace them when they were doing the landscaping.”

At the moment work at Glaise na Rinne is practically completed.


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