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Donor Michael rewarded for giving 100 blood donations

A 66-year-old Ennis man has been awarded for giving more than 100 donations of blood at the Irish Blood Transfusion Clinic, which comes to town three times a year.

Michael Meere, who now lives in Ballybeg but formerly lived in Summerhill, Ennis has donated 105 units of blood over 46 years, since 1964.
He explained that he has always been a regular donor. “The service comes to Ennis three times a year and I donate blood every time they come here. I have only ever missed out three times in all the 46 years and they were occasions when I was out of the country. My target was to get past 100 units, so I have surpassed that,” Michael said.
He was 20 when he first donated blood. “Needles don’t bother me at all. For me, there’s nothing to giving blood. Some people have a fear of needles but it’s no bother and I’m glad to do it,” he commented.
He intends to continue donating blood in the coming years. “People can donate blood until they are 70 and thereafter have to get a doctor’s cert, which permits them to donate for another five years,” he said.
He emphasised the importance of more people giving blood. “There is always a shortage of blood available to hospitals and my understanding is that at any given time, there is only ever about three weeks’ supply of blood available. The Munster region supply is better than the general supply nationally. My advice to people is that it’s very simple to give blood and there’s no need to be afraid of it. It only takes about two hours at the most from registering in the clinic to being let out after donating blood, which is a very short time, once every four months,” Michael added.
Michael was presented with a porcelain pelican by the Irish Blood Transfusion Service for donating 100 units of blood.
He previously received a gold drop when he had donated 50 litres. “The porcelain pelican ornament is lovely. It has a pelican with two smaller pelicans underneath, depicting a mother pelican feeding her young with her own blood. I’m very honoured to receive the award,” he commented.
The awards ceremony was held in the Greenhills Hotel, Limerick last week.
Michael was one of just six donors from the Mid West to have donated 100 units of blood.
A further 132 donors received awards from the service, including a total of 38 from Clare.


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