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Donald Trump is not Barack Obama

LOTS of comments are flying about Donald Trump’s vocabulary. Some of the conversation has been about his lack of vocabulary. Others have pointed out that he is uncouth and crude in his speech. Others have noted that Trump tells it like it is, holding nothing back, saying whatever comes to his mind or speaking from his heart. Some on social media have commented they don’t want a president who cannot communicate more articulately or smoother than what Trump does.

I have to note that we have a smooth president by the name of Barack Obama. I personally think that he uses the teleprompter as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. Or, when he has time to master his content, he can release his words in a very convincing manner. I don’t see that there is much debate on our current president’s ability to deliver a high-powered speech. On the other hand, we’ve all heard the president at press conferences “hem and hah,” searching for the right words when answering a question or speaking impromptu.

On July 27, 2004, then US Senator Obama delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic convention in Boston. That Tuesday evening. he spoke masterfully. He delivered a rousing speech that was smooth, powerful, convincing, which elevated his status as the new rising star in the Democratic convention. At that time, I said to several people that Barack Obama was on his way to being President of the United States and I was right.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Almost 12 years later, not as many Americans are overly impressed with our president. Many hate Obamacare. Some feel Obama loves Muslims more than Christians. Others see Obama leading the charge to take guns away from everyday Americans. Others feel that he has mistreated Israel and the list, of course, goes on and on. Some of these same people who dislike President Obama are now criticising Trump for his inability to deliver the kind of speech that we would have heard from John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan or our current president.

Donald Trump is Donald Trump. If he makes it, he will not be a slick podium orator. He will most likely say what he is thinking and probably do it without a teleprompter. Often, when a speech is delivered unwritten or without the aid of a teleprompter, it will come across as unprepared.

Whether we like it or not, this is another reason why Trump has done so well. He is not the typical polished, political statesman and that chaffs some people but millions more love it. We will not get everything we want in one human being. Everybody is different. Obama is a suave, fit, articulate man, who has done what few will ever accomplish. He became President of the United States. Trump is not Barack Obama or similar to anybody we’ve elected in recent years and, because of that, he may very well win.

Glenn Mollette, American syndicated columnist and author.

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