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Daisy posts her Christmas letter to Santa.
Daisy posts her Christmas letter to Santa.

A Dog’s Christmas in Dublin

Now that Christmas is finally over it’s time to reflect on how my holidays went. Christmas is for dogs too and we should never be forgotten.

My humans were invited by BMW to the National Concert Hall in Dublin for lunch and a Christmas concert featuring the Snowman film and a live orchestra. Despite my loud protests, dogs weren’t invited so where would I be left while the concert was on?

Lisa welcomes me to Mutt Ugly.
Lisa welcomes me to Mutt Ugly.

Well, I needn’t have worried. After we parked the car at the hotel we took a short walk along the canal. It’s really lovely along there with all the swans and ducks. The ducks seemed friendly but I have a healthy respect for swans so I kept my distance.

We arrived at a lovely place called Mutt Ugly, a dog groomers and crèche. Once I got over the shock at the name – surely I’m not an ugly mutt – we went inside and I got a great welcome. There were already several dogs there with some waiting to be groomed and others just left there myself for a few hours.

Two Schnauzers had plenty to say for themselves but a fellow Westie made me feel right at home. I knew I was going to like this place.

My humans went off to the concert and when they came back to collect me, they were still raving about it. The music sounded wonderful although if I was allowed to attend and give my rendition of ‘Hark the Hairy Hound Dogs Sing’ it would have brought the house down.

I'd really like that robin from Santa.
I’d really like that robin from Santa.

My humans were joined by their friends, Mark and Martina, so we strolled back to the hotel for a drink. As we waited to cross Baggot Street, a face in the crowd looked familiar and a woman asked “Is that Daisy?”. We met this lovely lady three years ago outside Dylan Hotel. She has two Westies who came from the same breeder as I’m from in Churchtown. I’m really beginning to get famous. I must get an agent one of these days.

Relaxing in the bar at Dylan Hotel.
Relaxing in the bar at Dylan Hotel.

We spent an enjoyable time in the bar at Dylan, where they have a very enlightened policy on dogs. Not long after we arrived, a group of ladies came in sat on the floor to make a fuss of me. When they left, one of them gave me a kiss on the forehead, leaving me with red lipstick all over my face. It was fine though – I’m nine and old enough now to wear makeup.

Later that evening I had my first trip on Dublin Bus as we went out to meet my Aunt Aileen in Monkstown. I was sitting on the floor so didn’t have a good view out but there was a black glass panel in front of me so I could admire my reflection. I must wear lipstick more often. It really suits me.

The next day we walked into town for another treat – a visit to the moving crib. There were all sorts of animals to talk to including sheep, donkeys and a goat. It was really lovely to see them and wish them a Happy Christmas. On the way out, I got my photo taken beside Santa’s post box. I put my eye on a lovely Christmas Robin at Mutt Ugly and I really hoped that Santa would bring it to me.

Flaked out in the car going home.It was finally time to head home and after a busy few days all I could do was sleep all the way back to Ennis.

I can’t wait ‘til next Christmas.

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