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Daisy enjoying her dogguccino after visiting the vet.
Daisy enjoying her dogguccino after visiting the vet.

Keeping your dog in tail-wagging good health.

By Daisy Galvin

It’s absolutely vital to keep an eye on your health, particularly when you’re a media star like me. I always make sure that I have regular checkups at the vet and insist that my innoculations are always up to date.

The innoculations are especially important if you go on trips like I do. Most hotels will insist on seeing your medical records and I would be mortified if I was ever found wanting. It’s also vital for your passport if you want to go abroad.

I’m not saying a visit to the vets is a particularly pleasant experience but it’s just something you have to do. I was very lucky to be looked after by the wonderful Charlie Kenny ever since I arrived in Ennis. He always had a kind word for me before doing any work and was always able to calm me down even when I was anxious about what was about to happen.
Charlie has had to retire and his practice has now been taken over by Summerhill Veterenary Centre, something I only found out when I was taken to a lovely new premises on Saturday morning.

Straight away, my dog senses were on the alert and I knew it was a vet’s office. Something about the aroma gives it away. The other giveaway was the handful of nervous dogs on leads waiting outside the door.

We were shortly inside and although I’m not normally uneasy at the vet, I have to confess to a few nervous shivers as I contemplated what was about to happen. I was used to Charlie and I just hoped this new vet would be as nice.

Fortunately I didn’t have long to wait – the waiting is the worst part. I was led into a shiny new surgery and put on the table. I was amazed to see that the exam table is also a weighing scales but a lady never reveals her weight so you’ll just have to guess.

I was introduced to, Owen, my new vet and do you know something? He was every bit as nice as Charlie. What a relief!
He examined me thoroughly and concluded that I’m in great shape. I have a little tartar on my teeth that will have to be dealt with in a few months and I don’t like the sound of that as I’ll need to be knocked out. I just know I’ll wake up woozy but that’s for another day.

I didn’t escape without getting an injection but they don’t really hurt. It’s just the thought of them that makes me a little queasy. What was awful though was the kennel cough jab. Straight up my nose! The indignity! I sneezed straight after but it should still be able to do its work. I really hated that part but I know it’s for the best.

That was it. I was finished and to celebrate, we went down to the Rowan Tree for a dogguccino, my special treat.

Make sure you tell your humans to keep your vaccinations up to date. It’s for the good of your health and it’s the responsible thing to do.

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