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Councillor John Crowe: "We should be telling Dublin Airport, 'We told ye so!'"

‘Disgraceful’ videos of attacks on homes and cars condemned

SHOCKING video footage of attacks on homes and cars in Ennis, understood to be linked to an ongoing feud, circulating on social media in recent days, have been condemned as an “absolute disgrace”.

Calls are now being made for more resources to be made available to gardaí in Clare, as well as for the re-establishment of an Ennis specific Joint Policing Committee (JPC).

Videos of car windows being smashed and a home being targeted in the county capital were shared across social media. Other footage shows a high-speed car chase with a vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

Chair of the Clare Joint Policing Committee Councillor John Crowe commented, “It’s an absolute disgrace and as a community and as a county we can’t stand for the likes of this carry on.”

He continued, “It’s getting out of control, not alone in Ennis but all over the county. I know the powers that be are doing the best they can, and we had extra gardaí last year but we need to look at the overall county and increasing the numbers of gardaí and resources for them.”

The councillor said he will be raising the issue at the next JPC meeting this month and he called on the Garda Commissioner “to make sure whatever resources are needed, the gardaí get”.

Senior gardaí in Clare are aware of the video footage and enquiries are being made as part of ongoing investigations.

The footage was also slammed by Ennis councillors at their Ennis Municipal District meeting with Councillor Pat Daly saying, “This is a very serious situation. We are trying to promote Ennis as the finest town in Ireland and then this type of stuff is happening.” He urged the council to invite Clare’s Chief Superintendent to the next council meeting.

“This is bad publicity for the town and it has to stop. Ennis is a good town, a quiet town and then this type of stuff is happening.”

Chair of Ennis Purple Flag, Councillor Johnny Flynn commented that this latest incident highlights the need for a return of a JPC specifically addressing Ennis issues saying some people do not feel safe.

He outlined how the Purple Flag group have been working for years to promote Ennis as an appealing, inviting and safe destination liaising with local businesses and gardaí.

He argued that the county capital needs its own JPC saying that he is aware of women who “no longer feel safe in town” with “people squatting in the town’s streets, who have been offered housing and refused it.”

He continued,, “This is a serious issue, there is a lady who rang me and said she can’t wear her good jewellery when coming into town.” He suggested that railings around the O’Connell monument could help deter anti-social behaviour saying “we cannot allow the streets to be taken over by a crowd of untouchables.”

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